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Sechrist chamber

We develop custom designed hyperbaric chambers

GDA Sweden AB develops and manufactures pressure chamber systems that are tailored to our customers' unique needs. Our hyperbaric chamber used by various customers such as healthcare, military use and commercial diving.

You find us on Hagelvädersgatan 5 in Gothenburg (ZIP code 41834). Here is the link to the map to find your way to our premises.

We develop customized training within the pressure chamber technology for both techniques that healthcare professionals. The training covers all aspects of technical maintenance of the pressure chamber and service to hyperbaric medicine and firefighting courses in hyperbaric environment. Our customized courses in fire fighting for staff working in the pressure chamber is designed in conjunction with Eastern Hospital and Yrgo.
We also provide life support equipment for hyperbaric environment and fighting systems developed specifically for the unique conditions that exist among our customers. Our clients' needs drive our product development and we have a wide range of producter focused on critical care and safety. Hyperbaric chambers are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Gothenburg. You can read more about our products and services for hyperbaric chambers here.

GDA Sweden AB provides development and maintenance of high-pressure gassystems. To our local customers in Sweden, we also provide an emergency service 24-7 all year.
GDA supplies including breathing air compressors and associated system security, documentation and training for users. We also develop high pressure system to the industry with a specialty of high standards of cleanliness. In this segment, we have among other customers FMV, Dentsply, Jackon and Autoliv.

We have a fully equipped workshop with equipment for cleaning of pipes and valves with high standards of cleanliness. There is also a laboratory equipment which we can verify the customer's unique demands on the purity can be ensured.
We perform service and maintenance of valves and regulators and also performs pressure test in our workshop. Pressure tests are also carried out at the customer. Our clients include valve retailers who Fagerberg, KSB and end users such as FMV, E.ON Gas Sweden AB, Fordonsgas Sweden and others.

We build gas storage and may include sample press, blasting to meet all necessary requirements.