Sechrist, Monoplace, HBOT

Sechrist monoplace chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Sechrist HBOT chambers

GDA Sweden operates as a dealer for the U.S monoplace chamber manufacturer in the north European market. The first chambers has been delivered to Sahlgranska University hospital-Eastern hospital, Karolinska University hospital and Blekinge hospital in Sweden during 2014/2015. Our customers use the monoplace chambers mainly as a supplement for the hyperbaric oxygen therapy in multiplace decompressor chamber.

We are often asked whether it is possible to allow the patient to be pressurized in breathing air and oxygen in the breathing mask. It works just as well.

GDA delivers a CE approved deluge system to all Sechrist models. The two first systems were delivered during 2014/2015. The nozzle is mounted in the door and the water taken from the water tap line. Please contact us for more information »

Sechrist has been integral to the research and development of hyperbaric medicine and hyperbaric chambers for more than 35 years. In that time, Sechrist hyperbaric chambers have been used to assist physicians in the pursuit of lifesaving applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Trends in Hyperbaric Medicine

Several trends are driving the growth of hyperbaric medicine. First are the advancements in the chambers themselves that have made HBOT a safe procedure. The second is the increase in diabetes and individuals who develop non-healing wounds.
Wound care has seen tremendous advances and hyperbarics plays a large part in the successful treatment of a number of wound conditions. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 20% of a hospital’s wound patients are candidates for HBOT. Physicians around the world trust Sechrist chambers to perform safely and reliably, which helps them treat their patients with confidence.
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