Successful conference and new delivery

We had a successful conference at EUBS and our new partner Acromed just received our first order for the first Hyperbaric infusion pumps. GDA will deliver these first pumps with installation and training course by the end of 2018. 

New contract with Autoliv in China

GDA continues to deliver production equipment in the form of hydrogen and oxygen high-pressure gas systems to Autoliv. With this latest delivery a system with a working pressure of over 750 bar it’s GDA's fifth just for this customer. It will be installed by us in the city of Jin Tan at Autoliv's production plant in China. The production of high pressure cabinets for oxygen and hydrogen as well as other peripherals is as usual in our workshop in Gothenburg.
With these deliveries, Autoliv becomes GDA's largest single customer in the manufacturing sector.
Production is ongoing and installation is expected to start at the turn of the year 2017-2018. The picture to the left shows Autoliv's production plant in Jin Tan.
Read more about Autoliv here.

News HBOT treatment of radiation induced side effects

In several countries Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has emerged as a treatment modality for radiation induced side effects. In this rat model for radiation cystits they studied the effects of HBOT on Oxidative stress and profibrotic factors. Read more about this research here   Full article available on personal request.

New contract with Autolive for high pressure production

GDA has been entrusted to build the Airbag manufacturer Autolivs next two production lines in Vårgårda, Sweden. We are still to deliver the latest of Vårgårdas production lines and are proud of the continued confidence to deliver high-pressure products with claims of absolute world class. The additional production lines will be delivered in the fall of 2017 and 2018. The picture was taken in the GDAs production workshop and shows part of the construction of a gas cabinets. The gas pressure we work with these deliveries spanning the variation of 200 bar up to over 1000 bar.
With these deliveries, we have taken us forward in the design and development of high-pressure applications for productionindustry. 

Rent or Lease

GDA Sweden can rent or lease mono-place chambers to customers who want such an arrangement. The same applies to our research chamber. Please contact us for more information about the product that interests you.

New contracts with the Swedish Armed Forces

GDA has been awarded two new contracts with the Swedish Armed Forces. The agreements are both regarding maintenance and includes gas supply and hyperbaric chamber installations. The agreements give the company a secure revenue growth for several years to come.

High pressure installation at a construction design company Jackon

GDA has provided a process installation with a working pressure of 500 bar to Jackons production of polystyrene beads of construction. The installation included the design, installation, full documentation of components with testing and radiography of welds and accredited approval before starting the production. What makes the project unique for us is that it was the first time we carried out a project of this kind to the construction industry.
We are proud to have been recommended to this customer by an accreditation company.
You can read more about Jackon and their products here.

EUBS 2016

GDA participated in EUBS 2016 in Geneva in collaboration with Sechrist. We also market our own unique products, such as research and chamber dimensions adapted stretcher with equipment for intensive care. We also held a dinner for our customers along with sales managers for Sechrist in other parts of the world. The fair is a unique opportunity for us to share the latest developments in hyperbaric medicine and understand the challenges that our customers face. The picture shows a nice gathering over dinner with clients mainly from Scandinavia. You can read more about EUBS:

GDA has been awarded a contract for the delivery of medical intensive care equipment for the Swedish defense. The quipment will be used in a hyperbaric environment consists among other things of the surveillance monitor, ventilator and syringe pumps. The medical equipment is a prerequisite for providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in patients with large acute need of intensive care efforts. GDA will deliver two platforms of this equipment in 2016 -2017along with training and documentation. With this GDA strengthens its market position as the leading provider of critical care equipment in the hyperbaric environment for northern Europe. GDA choose to continue to cooperate with the ventilator manufacturer Maquet.

The submarine

GDA Sverige - Swedish marines old submarine

GDA has prepared the Swedish marines old submarine
Spiggen for her last journy to Kalix museum.

E. ON. Biofor Sverige AB

GDA has won a new contract and will continue to be operated service, maintenance of CNG stations for EON Biofor Sverige AB. We deliver a standby service throughout the year a 24-7 service.
GDA will preform the preventive and corrective maintenance of EON CNG filling stations in western Sweden with an agreement valid for 2.5 years and with an option for another year.

New communication system tested at a depth of 108 meters

Last September FMV carried out a dive to 108 meters depth with the saturation chamber system on board the submarine rescue ship HMS Belos.

GDA Sverige installed new communication system

We have installed a new saturation communication system at HMS Belos for our customer FMV. The installation is in use and has been runing successfully for a year. The system were delivered with our partner Nautronix.