Service / Maintenance

Service / Maintenance - GDA Sverige Seatrial after LTF (life time extension) of "URF", Royal Swedish Navy Resque vessel

We perform complete surveys on diving systems in accordance to recognized standards. (e.g. DNV)
GDA own all necessary equipment to conduct pipe installations, pressure testing of pipelines, cleaning and conduct analyses on site with our containerized mobile laboratory. GDA have cleaning methods and guarantees cleanliness levels for material and equipment used in oxygen enriched environments.

GDA conduct annual review services for diving system on board and on customer sites. We produce the necessary reports and labelling to provide complete documentation for approval.

We conduct high pressure gas service and maintenance on CNG stations and compressors installations.

GDA provide high pressure gas service and maintenance for industries with high demands on purity in their processes. We also clean valves and pipes for other suppliers towards industrial customers.